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Hello New Vendors!

We are excited to be offering this boutique style space to showcase local vendors. 

We hope to have renovations completed by mid February 2022 - early March 2022.

We will be located at 92 1 Ave in Fox Creek, Alberta. This will be the only gift/apparel shop in our community. It has been needed for some time now and will go over so well.

Collective Souls will be an addition to our 646 Co. line of apparel and sunglasses. We hope to gain all types of vendors. From children's apparel & toys, men's apparel, ladies apparel, edible items, jewelry, etc. We are open to just about anything. 

We are committed to showcasing quality items and want to align our boutique with fabulous vendors. We know it is hard for small businesses to get their products into buyers hands, this is where we can help. We plan to add all items to our website to help sell our products.

We offer monthly rental options. Every dollar you sell, you get. We will provide monthly statements for all items sold. If you need a different rental option don't hesitate to reach out to us. Just fill out the form and we will get back to you. We will take wholesale products as well. As the months go on we hope to be able to offer wholesale to all our vendors. But one step at a time!

I am excited to get this boutique off the ground. It is a new venture for me but I have over 30 years experience running a retail liquor store, oilfield maintenance company and foundation. Let's do this together... help support local shopping and local vendors.


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